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Best Video Encryption Software


RecordShield protects your videos and other E-Learning content by securely encrypting your content files and distributing them with your authorized target audience.



Strong Encryption

The software encrypts your video content and allows you to securely distribute them to your authorized target users. The encryption system offers 256-bit AES encryption.


Video Playback Attributes

With encryption, you can configure Video Playback Time, Video Open Occurrences and Expiry date



Activation via various communication channels including Messaging, Online, and Email.


Single Screen Restriction

Restricts video to single /primary screen.



Encrypted videos can be securely distributed on USB Pen drive, DVD or Cloud.


Video Analytics

  • Which video was played?
  • When was it played?
  • Video playback time
  • Expiry date of video


You can trace any unauthorized use of your videos across the internet using Watermark technique on the encrypted videos.


Screen Capture Protection

Prevent anyone to record ongoing session via Screen Capture or Video Recording Software running in the background during a session and also prevent screen sharing via Skype, Team Viewer, and other similar tools.

Who Can Use It

"Professors, Teachers, Lecturers, Tutors, Coach, Instructors, Trainers, Gurus, Businessmen, Specialists, Individual Professionals, Filmmakers, and so on. Literally anyone can encrypt the videos and distribute them to their authorized target audience like School Students, College Students, University Students, MBA Students, CA Students, IPCC Students, IIT JEE Students, IES Students, Medical Students, CMAT Students, CAT Students, Consumers, Media Houses, Companies, etc and sell those video files as easy as on USB Pen drive, DVD, and even on Cloud. Download our software now and let your students and users experience the most flexible approach you will provide to learn from anywhere, and at any time. "

Education Institutes
Educational Institute

Video record your classroom lectures to offer self-paced learning for students.Distribute the video lectures in Pen drive, DVD, or via Cloud.

Training Institutes
Training Institutes

Sell your pre-recorded video lectures to students on Pen drive, DVD, or via Cloud.

Media Agency
Media Agency

Secured distribution of ads by using encryption software.

Production House
Production House

Protect Short films and Movie videos from piracy.

News and Events

Copy protection of breaking news within reporters.

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