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  • It’s a simple process which starts by installing Riocrypt software on your PC.
  • After installation, once you open Riocrypt, you will need to identify and select the video files from your drive which you wish to encrypt.
  • The encrypted videos will be saved in the folder which you may have chosen during inputs within the encryption dialogue box.
  • Then, the encrypted videos will need to be published as a new product (under name you give) or may be added to an already existing published product on your drive.
  • During publish stage, you will need to decide and specify parameters like No. of views allowed (how many times users can open & close a video, Total video watch time (length of video allowed for repeated viewing; e.g. if it’s 2, then a 15 min. video can be watched for a total of 30 min.), and Validity (or expiry date) for your published videos.
  • For more details on this process and steps within the software, kindly refer to the Riocrypt User Guide.
  • You have encrypted and published your videos which you wish to safely distribute to users (your students /clients).
  • You will need to login to the site and go to Serial keys section to generate serial keys for your published view products.
  • For each Serial key you have generated, you will need to affix a label on the Pen drive or DVD where you may plan to copy your published video folders. You will also need to copy the Rio-player installation file.
  • For more details on this process and steps within the software, kindly refer to the Serial Key creation Guide.
  • You will first need to download the RipPlayer software by using the installation file given on the Pen drive /DVD.
  • While playing the first video, you will need to type in the Serial Key no written on the label pasted on Pen drive /DVD jacket.
  • Riocrypt is used by Institutes or those who wish to encrypt and publish their videos for secured distribution to their authorized users.
  • Rioplay is used by authorized /assigned users to watch the videos they have procured as course or study material.
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